Large Pleco Caves

These are for the kings of the aquarium!!!


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2.75" u tube cave

2.75" tube bend into a U-shape, great hiding spot or breeding area for many fish. ..

4 inch D caves

4" D shaped caves, approx 11" long.  These are great for larger plecos.. L200 sized etc. ..

4" hollow tube

Approx 11" long, can be made other lengths by special order. ..

Extra long D Shape caves

Available in brown and in either 2.25" or 2.75".  These are approx 11" long. ..

XL-Breeding caves

Approx 12" long, 4" wide and 3-4" tall red only ..

Great for Large Plecos!  L25 style etc.   Approx 6" wide, 4" tall and 16-18" long ..