Specialized Caves


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Good for retrieving eggs from you zebra plecos and other high value plecos. ..

2.75" u tube cave

2.75" tube bend into a U-shape, great hiding spot or breeding area for many fish. ..

3 hole Pleco Condo

This a three hole pleco condo as pictured in Red only.  The hole are approx 1.5" square abou..

Bristlenose Breeding Pack

Bristlenose pack.. contains 2-1.5" round caves, 2- 1.0" round caves, and 1-1.5" square caves. var..

Condo Caves

Small condo = 4-small rectangles vertical Medium = 4 - medium rectangles vertical Large= ..

Euro caves, rounded end, D-shaped

Small = 1.0" euro Medium = 1.5" euro Large = 2.25" euro ..

Extra long D Shape caves

Available in brown and in either 2.25" or 2.75".  These are approx 11" long. ..

approx diameter 4" hexgaon by about 10" long.  These are replacing the round tube as a ..

Half Hiding tubes

These are an approx 2.5" half tube, meaning they were originally about 2.5" diameter now they are..

L-number pack

L-number pack(L333-L260-L262 sizes) contains 2-1.5" square caves, 1-2.25" round caves, 1-2.0" squ..
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Long breeding caves

These are longer than our standard cave, about 10" long. ..

Single Calvus Cave

Calvus cave, single calvus cave, toaster cave ..