Zoea's Healthy Fish started when i decided my love and dedication to the fish hobby exceeded most regular hobbyists. I was always making my own fish food and trying to find a pellet with the healthiest combination of ingredients that was preservative free, all-natural and not full of cheap fillers that fish struggle to absorb nutrients from like soy, corn and flour. And the difference shows, fish love it! But it's not just how much they liked the food that convinced me i was working in the right direction, it was the incredible change in my fish! The young grew faster, their colors improved greatly, the water was cleaner after feedings and the best part, they spawned like crazy! Another bonus was i didn't have to keep filling my freezer with frozen foods to help condition them to breed because their new diet was nutritious and varied enough to promote spawning on its own. Many of my friends noticed the changes and wanted to try the food for themselves, and once they did they were hooked! The food has been flying off my shelves ever since. I am working on developing more formulas and coming out with larger pellet sizes, but I am a small business and it will take time for me to add new products. I help my customers by keeping the service personal and doing all the work myself to ensure that your emails are answered promptly and order are processed quickly. If you have questions or need advice related to your fish, I will always be more than happy to help.
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