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ZHF Carnivore Supreme 1.5mm sinking

ZHF Carnivore Supreme 1.5mm Sinking Pellet ZHF Carnivore Supreme is a healthy, balanced diet for carnivorous fish. Our food is all-natural, preservative free and packed with high quality marine-sourced ingredients. And unlike most other fish foods, it doesn't contain any food coloring or cheap fillers (like flour or corn). Many fish food companies use these low quality ingredients to bulk up their products because they are inexpensive, while dyeing their foods multiple colors to trick consumers into thinking they are feeding their fish a healthy meal. Fish struggle to digest these cheap foods and in turn a large amount of the food is excreted without being processed for nutrients which forces you to feed more food so they can absorb enough nutrients to survive. And more food equals more waste, which means more water changes. "This stuff is awesome for actively breeding fish, the high protein encourages spawning without the need for live of frozen foods. All my breeders are fed this pellet exclusively." -Zoea You may have noticed our new packaging. Whats the difference? Our new bags are made with 5mil thick Mylar foil which blocks out light and oxygen, thus preventing photodegradation and spoilage. Each bag is then sealed with a 300cc oxygen absorber to keep your food extra crisp without loss of nutrients. These steps were taken to ensure your fish get the freshest food possible. It will be as fresh the day you open it as the day i sealed it! Analysis: 54% Protein, 8.5% Fat, 3% Fiber, 10% Moisture Ingredients: Herring Meal, Squid Meal, Dried Kelp, Dried Spirulina Meal, Dried Chlorella Meal, Garlic, Lecithin, Paprika, Dried Yeast, Astaxanthin, Yeast Culture, Vitamins and Minerals, Beta Carotene.

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