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New products added March 18th, 2013


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4" hollow great for hiding large reptiles.  These caves are also glazed for easy cleaning. ..

These half tubes are glazed and ready for your reptile enviroment.  Easy to move and find ou..

Large D-shaped reptile hide

Very large D-Shaped reptile hide.  Approx 5X6X16" glazed for easy cleaning. ..

Large reptile hide #2

4x5x12 approx dimensions, glazed for easy cleaning! ..

Reptile dishes

Assorted sizes and shapes, brown and glazed for easy cleaning.  Small medium and large avail..

Reptile Hides

Varies shapes and sizes of reptile hides ..

Reptile hides d-shapes

Approx 4" d-shaped cave that is glazed and is easy to clean.  About 10" long ..

Reptile tube hides

Assorted sizes, all brown and glazed for easy cleaning. ..

Turtle shell hide

Glazed turtle shell as pictured, hollow under sides for a good hiding place ..