All items that are NOT live goods will be shipped ground either by UPS or USPS.  Blackworms ship Monday, Thesday or Wednesday only.  Any damaged goods need to be reported ASAP so we can remedy the problem.  Some fish food may be special order, please allow a few extra days if I am out of stock on the food.  All dry goods should arrive within 5-7 business days.  If an item is out of stock and not posted on the website, you will be notified imediately upon your ordering of that item.  Any problems with any dry goods order needs to be reported within in 12 hours of receiving the package, and 90 minutes for any live goods order. Thanks!!!

Refunds will only be issued for the final cost of the products, minus my actual shipping costs, even with free shipping, that cost will be deducted.  Refunds can only be given once I receive the package back in my hands undamaged and complete.  I am not responsible for return shipping to my location, the buyer is.  If an order is returned, the buyer's refund with calculated as follows, actual shipping to them plus shipping back to me with be deducted from the total paid.  I am not responsible for carrier neglect, customs errors or anything else out of my control.  If you refuse shipment of the package, you will NOT get a refund.  

Too many rules??  Rememer rules are made for the few, not the many. Believe or not, one customer caused me to make all these rules, that's right just one customer!!!  I've never had any other problems expect for that one customer.