Xtreme Professional Formulas were not developed as a retail tropical fish food.  Xtreme was developed for use on our South Florida Fish Farm, Florida Exotic Fish.  Almost 40 years ago, as one of the first importers of African cichlids from Malawi, Tanganyika, Kenya and Burundi, we were unhappy with the foods we'd been buying for our imported and farmed fish, so we started dabbling with our own formulas.  It took years and years to come up with ingredients that produced unimaginably vibrant natural colors and exceptionally healthy fish.
After almost two decades, we were richly rewarded with fish that lived longer and a fish busines that continues to flourish.  200 pairs of breeders now produce what 600 to 800 pairs produced 30 years ago.  Xtreme pursued natural ingredients to enhance natural colors and spawing behaviors.  With No Hormones, and only the highest quality ingredients, Krill, Shrimp, Herring and Squid meals, we offer an excellent professionally formulated fish food with aquatic proteins and algaes. 
Fish prefer and need aquatic proteins and algae, so we start with the best protein, Krill and the best blue-green aquatic algae, Spirulina.  Natural colors are enhanced using Krill, a brilliant orange shrimp, and very small amounts of Astazanthin, Oro Glo and Kem Glo.  Using all the above natural ingredients enhances the natural colors (reds, oranges, blues, greans and yellows) and behavior of the fish without changing or alterng the fishes natural colors.
Xtreme is milled in several different northern locations, all in cooler dry weather.  All the ingredients are ordered, delivered as needed to produce what we need.  Xtreme ingredients are not stored for weeks and weeks from one production to another.  The food milled, then shipped, packed and stored under AC until it is is delivered fresh to our stores. 



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